Seasons 1 & 2

At the beginning I travel aimlessly and people were invited at random. Publications were in the form of zines, that were printed with my backpack printer, a small backpack with a laser black and white printer inside. Each zine contained around 20 pages that featured the words of one participant. Neighbors, family members and friends were invited to a public event, where each participant read the full text while seated in a circle made of nine chairs. Everyone who came to listen received a copy of the zine as a gift. Over this period, 18 zines were created by participants aged 8 - 73 in different parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico and Paraguay.

Download Season 1: English / Spanish
(with Akim Chan Kayún Mendez, Andrés Neuman, Gerson “Montaña” Rodriguez Irala, Rigo, Patricia Bautista Roa, Edson Trujillo, Melina Abigail Nuñez, Vicente Grandos, Juana Petzey y Juan Emilio Odriozola, Laura Ojeda Bar, Dana Rosenzvit, Guillermina Mongan, Diana Aisenberg, Ariel Cusnir, Mariela Gouiric, Julián Sorter, Santiago Villanueva, Lihuel González, Osvaldo Quiroga, Roberto Jacoby, Amanda de la Garza)

Download Season 2: Spanish
(with José Luis “Crespo” Jacobino, Lucía Emilia Gomez Sheng, Pirge, Cath, Miguel, Freda Gonzalez Portieles, Luis Ángel, Francois Dave Junior, Carina Juarez y Alejandro López, Ana Gallardo, Ana Longoni, Andrei Fernandez, Andrés S. Alvez, Eva Grinstein, Juan Caloca, Leonello Zambón, Leticia Gurfinkiel, Marisa Rubio, Mauricio Marcín, Osías Yanov, Roberto Jacoby, Santiago García Navarro, Silvio Lang)