Four legendary at the Gondolin Hotel
¡the hotel is a body!

Libro: Descargar (in spanish)
Audiolibro: Descargar (in spanish)
June 2021. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Co-produced with Hotel Gondolín and Palais de Glace.

We met with Marlene Wayar, Marisa Acevedo, Zoe López, Viviana Borges in the Gondolin Hotel. They spoke and I wrote down by hand everything they said. Every time they made a pause to inhale, I went to the next line. Each time the person who spoke changed, I used a dialogue line. We met again, we read aloud, we corrected together and we made this free-circulation book, that counts with a virtual version, an audiobook by Camila Sosa Villada and Susy Shock, and a printed versión that is distributed hand by hand.  

“Each of us has her own memory and at the same time we have a memory together” "And we have to keep building that memory and we have to keep passing it on" “¡We are a school” “¡The hotel is a body!” “Let’s think the travesti community as a body!” “If we are going to be fashionable, let’s make people hear our voice: And what is that voice going to be like? Which voice is ours?”

Four travestis from the generation that fought against police violence, that fought for the first national rights for LGBTIQ+ and that fought to recover the Gondolín Hotel pass their memory to those who are inventing themselves as transgender people  today.

Dedicated to Nadia Echazú: ¡épica travesti!