Juan Pablo by Ivonne
A counter-narrative to the repressive doctrine

Action: August 2018, La Boca, Buenos Aires
Book: Download (in Spanish)
Chapbook: Download (in Spanish)
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Exhibition: September 2018, Proa21, Fundación proa

On December 8, 2017, in the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, police officer Luis Chocobar shot Juan Pablo Kukoc in the back, killing him. He was an eighteen-year-old youth who had just stolen a camera from an American tourist. Since then, the State and the mainstream media have portrayed Chocobar as a hero, and the repressive policy of President Macri’s government has been known as “The Chocobar Doctrine”.

I met Ivonne, Juan Pablo’s mother, walking around La Boca. We spent an afternoon drinking Coca-Cola and eating croissants. We made a book together: she spoke, and by hand, I wrote down everything she said very quickly. Every time she stopped to take a breath, I started a new line. A few days later, the book was in circulation. Against the discourse dictated by the state and its media, this is the voice of a woman, sitting beside her daughter in the kitchen of their tin house.

With Ivonne Kukoc, Esteban Rodriguez Alzueta, Luci Cavallero, Verónica Gago, Ileana Arduino, Dana Rosenzvit, La Negra Quinto and Juguetes Perdidos.