Exhibition: Mi Micromuseo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 27, 2015

I asked 40 artists from different generations and contexts: Do you have a work that was important to you and has been stored for a long time?
I met with every one of them. They told me the story of the work, they told me why it had been important to them, and they gave it to me. Once I had all the works, the night of August 27, 2015 -my birthday- I made an exhibition as a celebration. It was in Micromuseo, an art space located in the basement of an emblematic building of Buenos Aires.
The exhibition was open only for one night. I made guided visits, sharing the stories that the artists had entrusted to me. The works were set up in regions: in one region there were those that had been an encounter with a technique, in another one those that had been an encounter with a theme, in another one those that had been company in a tough moment, etc. There were paintings, drawings, photos, songs, videos, objects, sculptures. No work had the name of the author. All works were signed by all of us.
In the end I distributed a catalog of stories, made of loose papers in a transparent bag. Each sheet had a few written lines of what my memory reminded of the stories.

Roberto Jacoby, Diego Bianchi, Juane Odriozola, Ariel Cusnir, Diana Aisenberg, Andrés Alves, Sebastián Tedesco, Casiana Flores, Juliana Turull, Sebastián Fuks, Juan Reos, Irina Kirchuk, Julián Sorter, Laura Ojeda Bar, Francisco Vazquez Murillo, Mariela Scafati, Adrián Herrera, Nicolás Moguilevsky, Dani Zelko, Lihuel Gonzalez, Valentín Demarco, Matías Ercole, julian teran, Daniel Alva, Natalia Cristo, Marina Paez Morsh, Martina Mordeau, Estrella Herrera, Rafael Barsky, Diego Spivakow, Karina Peisajovich, Daiana Rose, Manuel Abramovich, Milton Seechi, Silvia Rubinson, Fàtima Pecci, Laura Quesada, Antolín, Tomás Rawski, Franco Fasoli, Tiziana Pierri, Bruno Grupalli, Mario Scorzelli, So􀏐ía Vitola, Rodrigo Túnica, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Guillermo Carrasco, Fernanda Alvarez D’ielsi, Dolores Martin y Victoria Papagni.