Dani Zelko
Argentina, 1990.

Dani Zelko, Argentina, 1990. His work is made up of words and people, that are put together through various procedures to generate actions and situations where political tension and language experiments act on one another. He wants an affective conceptualism. He has published a lot of books, among them “North-border”, “El contra-relato de la doctrina Chocobar”, “¿Mapuche terrorista?”, “Terremoto”, y “Las preguntas completas de Osvaldo Lamborghini”(Gato Negro Ediciones, México). Some of them were translated into English and Portuguese. He has exhibited in museums and art spaces in Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, Mexico, United States and Canada. He gave conferences and lectures in places like Museo Nacional Reina Sofía (España), Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles, New York University, Princeton, uPenn (USA), Casa de las Américas (Cuba), Bikini Wax (Mexico), Universidad Nacional de las Artes, arteBA (Argentina). He is an art teacher and is part of the Liliana Maresca High School in Villa Fiorito, Argentina. He has received recognitions by Visible Award (United States), Braque Prize , Centre for Artistic Research, Ministry of Culture and National Fund for the Arts (Argentina), among others.



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